ragazzo su scooter wow di fronte al mare ligure, la foto è divisa da un riquadro verde con la scritta portofino to vernazza

How far can an electric scooter go? Wow Replies!

Welcome, lovers of adventure and sustainability! Today we will take you on an exciting journey along the picturesque Italian coast from Portofino to Vernazza, but with an eco-friendly touch thanks to WOW electric scooters.

Our company

WOW escooter stands out in the panorama of sustainable mobility solutions with its line of completely Italian electric scooters. With a commitment to quality, reliability and ecology, the company has won the hearts of those looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore the most beautiful places in Italy and Europe.

The Magic of Portofino

We start from picturesque Portofino, with its crystal clear waters and cobbled streets that wind between pastel-colored buildings. WOW Escooter’s electric scooters integrate perfectly into this environment, offering a silent, emission-free ride that respects the peaceful atmosphere of the city.

Towards Vernazza with Style and Sustainability

Crossing the coast, WOW 775 takes us along scenic roads and coastal paths, ensuring an effortless and environmentally friendly journey. The powerful electric battery allows you to cover long distances without worrying about frequent recharging, giving you the freedom to explore every corner of natural beauty.

Technology and Security

WOW scooters are not only beautiful, but also technologically advanced. Equipped with features such as regenerative braking and stability control systems, they ensure a safe and enjoyable journey along the rocky coast.

The positive environmental impact

In addition to convenience and technology, WOW is actively committed to reducing its environmental impact. Electric scooters are a tangible testimony to this commitment, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional combustion vehicles.

On this trip from Portofino to Vernazza with the WOW scooter, we experienced the perfect fusion of adventure, style and sustainability.

We are ready to embrace a future of sustainable and exciting mobility with the WOW 775 by our side. Ready to leave for the next adventure?

About the author : Alessandra

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