A new concept of electric scooter.

WoW! Amazing Electric

WOW was conceived as a solution for a new urban mobility in Europe.

  • Entirely Designed and Built in Italy.
  • WOW! Performance: unmatched acceleration and jerk from still.

  • High comfort during driving, even for tall people. Two comfortable seats.
  • Innovative solutions and a state-of-the-art headlight design with FULL LED technology

5 reasons to choose WOW!


Autonomy range

Great autonomy, thanks to the high efficiency of the motor and the two batteries.

Watch in awe as our electric scooter conquers the scenic route from Portofino to Vernazza, covering an impressive 96km on a single charge clicking here.


50L integrated under-seat storage system

A 50L integrated under-the-seat storage system makes no longer essential the traditional rear top case.

The storage compartment is accessible through the fully integrated electronic opening, which can be managedremotelyor with a remote control.


16” wheels

Large “motorcycle” tires to ensure safety and driving comfort. They give height and importance to the vehicle, you travel in complete tranquility without sacrificing comfort, offering greater stability on all types of roads.


Electromagnetic Brake system

An Electromagnetic Brake is the alternative to the standard braking system; activated by a button on the handlebar, it allows you to utilise up to 80% of the kinetic energy to recharge the batteries.


Removable batteries

A charging base allows you to comfortably recharge the batteries either at home or at the office. Externally located, and safely protected by a solid aluminum case, they can be easily removedonce unlocked (with the key or a remote control).

Excellent chassis and driveability

Double cradle frame, designed for maximum solidity and strength.

Disc Brakes

Safe braking guaranteed in all circumstances by two 220mm brake discs.


8A battery charger for superfast charging.

3 driving modes

Economy – City – Sport, activatable with a button positioned on the handlebar. Sport means a top-of-the-range performance.

Reverse gear

Activated with a button positioned on the handlebar, makes maneuvering in reverse easier.

USB socket and remote control

10W USB socket and remote control that allows remote switching on, off and opening of the saddle.

Versatility and comfort

No more traffic queues
Easy parking
Total freedom of movement

Impact 0

Zero emissions
No noise
Respect the environment


Extremely low charging and management costs

Colors Range

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