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Yes, the electric scooter is green and actively drives towards a sustainable mobility model. The energy requirement deriving from fossil fuels necessary for an electric vehicle is certainly lower than required for an internal combustion engine vehicle. It should also be added that the emissions are zero, as are the fine particles released into the environment.

No. The electric scooter, thanks to the “zero emissions”, it is not subject to any traffic block.

Yes, The electric scooter can be considered even more reliable than the internal combustion engine for many reasons. As a matter of fact, electric power is a technology adopted in the automotive field but it have been using for over a century on many devices, including for mobility: trains, for example, are powered by electricity. It is estimated that the electric vehicles are 50% less likely to break down than for example diesel engines. Furthermore, the electric motor is extremely simple, being composed of a smaller number of components which limit the problems due to the mechanical complexity of endothermic engines.

No. On the contrary an electric scooter has extremely low maintenance costs: it is reduced to the minimum precisely because consumables are reduced to the minimum, as there is no oil or filters inside the engine.

No. Manufactures have already taken precautions to avoid overloading, over-discharging or overheating the electric scooters.


Yes, Recycle is possible, even if the batteries are designed to have a long life: only after many recharge cycles, in fact, their useful life gradually runs out and they could be recycled.

Yes. Even in electric scooters, as in any electric devices, the temperature affects the performance of the batteries. Intense cold can decrease the duration of the charge or lengthen the time. However, It should be considered that in our latitude (Italy) it is very difficult for temperatures as to put batteries in crisis in winter. With equal use, it is also true that in winter the autonomy will be reduced compared to in summer.

Yes, The lithium ion batteries are sensitive to cold; therefore, during the winter is advisable to remove them from the vehicle and keep them at room temperature, at home or in the office. This will limit the decrease in autonomy, which could occur if the batteries are left in a cold environment before use.

WOW 774-775

Yes, Charging your WOW scooter at home is easy and economic, you can simply plug it in and leave it to charge overnight. If you don’t have a garage/box available, you can take out the batteries and charge them easily at home/office with its own docking station.

To remove the batteries in a convenient way simply follow the steps below:

After opening the front saddle, press and hold the “SEAT” button on the supplied remote until the rear saddle is released. At this point it is sufficient to remove it in order to proceed with the removal of the batteries.

Important: the WOW batteries works in parallel. This means that the scooter needs both batteries for operate. Even the loading of the same takes place simultaneously.

Yes, the WOW774 can be driven from 14 years old with an AM license. The WOW 775 can be drives from the age of 16 with an A1 license. These are the regulations in Italy, it is recommended to check the rules dictated by your country of origin regarding driving license for electric vehicles.

To open the saddle, turn the ignition lock to the left, as for engaging the steering lock but without pressing. Naturally, it is necessary to press the “open padlock” button on the scooter remote control beforehand.

The punching points are shown in the “Use and Maintenance” handbook of each vehicle.

The scooter WOW 774 and WOW 775 are very quiet, comfortable and easy. They do not pollute require little maintenance. They have a more responsive throttle than traditional scooters, all without noise and emissions. Furthermore, they can circulate even in the presence of roadblocks in all cities of Italy.

The electric scooters WOW offer advanced standard equipment: full LED lights for safety and visibility, 50L under-seat compartment for storing helmets or bags, 3 driving modes for every need, reverse gear and 10W USB socket that allows you to charge every kind of electric device. Furthermore, each WOW scooter is equipped with an electronic braking system, alternative to traditional brakes, which allows to transfer 80% of the kinetic energy to be transformed into battery recharge.

Both the WOW774 and the WOW775 scooters have 3 driving maps, which can be selected using the appropriate handlebar control: Eco, City and Sport. The ECO map (E) offers reduced performance and it is designed to optimize the scooter’s autonomy if necessary. The CITY map (C) offer a intermediate power and is an optimal compromise between performance and autonomy. Finally the SPORT map (S) characterized by full power and speed, guarantees “WOW” performance even in the most demanding conditions of use (overcoming steep lopes and use with a passenger).

WOW uses a 32Ah (Standard) and a 42Ah (Plus) batteries for their scooters. The autonomy of the batteries depends on numerous factors, first and foremost the use of the vehicle, the outside temperature and the weight of the driver. The range of autonomy goes from 80 to 100km based on the model and the battery capacity of the chosen batteries. All our durability tests are conducted at a temperature of 20°C and with a rider weighting about 70kgs in City map. Of course when the parameters vary (for example the use in the Sport map, on uphill routes or with low temperatures) the mileage may also vary.

Yes. In general the batteries allow you to ride ten thousands of km. After several years of use and numerous recharge cycles they will always remain efficient, even if they need to be recharged more frequently. The WOW scooter batteries have an estimated life of 800 recharge cycles before gradually decreasing performance. This translates into over 65.000 km of useful life before progressively decreasing in efficiency.

There are two ways to recharge the scooter: it is possible to connect the supplied power cable directly to the scooter or removing the batteries from the scooter and using the appropriate docking station (optional). The Shuko socket must be connected to power socket.

The recharging time of the batteries from 0 to 100% is approximately of 4,5 hours. However, it is advisable to avoid completely discharging of the batteries : the optimal range of use goes from 20 to 95%. In this way, the recharging time is also reduced, at the same time prolonging the life of the battery.


For detailed information on “ vehicles and accessories price list”, incentive or promotion in progress, please contact a WOW Official Distributor.
For the registration and entry road costs please contact a WOW Official Distributor.
In the specific section of our website section you can find the updated list of our WOW Official Distributor.
At the moment it is not possible to buy directly from us. For a quotation, information on availability and any order, please contact WOW Official Distributor. The official Distributor is the only one authorized to have a direct relationship with WOW from which he receives technical communications, and is responsible for any assistance carried out by his workshop.
In order to do a test ride, please contact our trusted WOW Official Distributor, who will be able to give all the information regarding the possibility of booking a test ride among dealers of his network.


The replacement parts price list is available for all the WOW Official Distributors. For orders and quotation, please get in touch with them.
The booklet Il libretto “Use and Maintenance” of the WOW scooters could be downloaded directly and free on the section “Download” of our website
The workshop manual is document highly technical exclusively available for WOW Official Distribution dealers network. In order to maintain the validity of the guarantee and the value of the WOW scooter, it is essential to use only original WOW replacement parts. Maintenance operations require technical experience, we therefore recommend to contact an official dealer from the network of our WOW Official Distributor.
In this case it is necessary to contact a an official dealer from the network of our WOW Official Distributor.
In this case it is necessary to contact a an official dealer from the network of our WOW Official Distributor.
From the website – Download Areas is possible to download the booklet in pdf format.
The scheduled maintenance tables are shown in the “Use and Maintenance” booklet. For any further clarification please contact the WOW Dealer / Authorized Workshop. Compliance with the indicated maintenance is essential to keep the guarantee valid, as well as to keep the scooter in perfect working condition.

The batteries are covered by an official 24-months warranty.

The technical assistance service can only and exclusively provided by the Dealer in accordance with the Directive 1999/44/CE and the Consumer Code. For further reports on problems encountered on the scooter, please contact the Official Dealer/Authorized Workshop (the same Dealer/Distributor, with the appropriate references, will contact the Manufacturer to resolve any problems).
The first service has to be done upon reaching 1.000 km of riding. The following services have to be carried out according to the indications shown in the proper table of the “User manual” (based on the mileage reached by the scooter or the time elapsed since purchase).