WOW! Amazing Electric

Our history

WOW! was born in February 2019 right from the start with a very clear objective: to create a scooter that brings a new type of eco-sustainable mobility to all the cities of Europe. In November of the same year the project took shape and the first prototype of WOW! makes its first appearance at EICMA.

Production of the WOW range officially begins in July 2021! and its marketing.

Why WOW?

The name “WOW” underlines the surprise effect on customers. WOW is an innovative electric scooter that is exciting and capable of surprising people.

“WOW” is a common word used to express enthusiasm or admiration. Exactly what the WOW scooter conveys.

“WOW” is an acronym representing features and benefits. WOW! as WATT ON WHEELS. But WOW scooters are much more! They are “Wireless On Wheels”, technology and innovation are always on the agenda and for this reason we are waiting for you in the new “World of Wheels”.

A short and memorable name like “WOW” to leave a mark.

The name “WOW” reflects a modern and contemporary style, which is well suited to electric scooters, an advanced and sustainable alternative to traditional transport.

The timeline of WOW!

Our Mission

Help the world move towards a more sustainable future by bridging the gaps (real or perceived) between internal combustion engine and electric two-wheeled vehicles, creating a vehicle with comparable and often superior performance.

Our Vision

In urban areas, the development of electric mobility on two wheels will be a fundamental factor. Throughout Europe, approximately 50% of two-wheeled vehicles will be electrically powered by 2030 and the benefit of this change will be for the climate, health and also the quality of life of citizens.

WOW! Amazing Electric will be part of this flow of positive change.

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