WOW has an unmistakable style, with its range of accessories you can customize it to make it truly unique.


Its notable dimensions make it ideal even for tall people.

Handlebar end weights

Useful to dampen vibrations and to protect the handlebar and gripsfrom any impact.

Charging base

To comfortably recharge the batteries at home or in the office.

Tucano leg cover

Developed in collaboration with Tucano Urbano and equipped with the patented S.G.A.S. system, this waterproof thermal cover comes with a built-in seat cover to keep the seat dry when the scooter is parked.

Topcase support plate

Allows the rear case to be mounted on the scooter with a capacity of up to 15kg. It is compatible with most cases on the market (Shad, Givi).

set di batterie

2 Batteries Set

An extra set of batteries is available: 32Ah Standard and 42Ah Plus.

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